Single Posts Not Displaying In WordPress 404 Error

I installed a new Wordpress theme for Unusual Build. I did some visual changes to theme, but when I tested an excerpted post from the front page it wouldn’t show.

Best Everyday Mechanical Pencil?

Why do you always think of a pen when you talk about writing something?  If you do a search on “pen quotes” you get 43.8 million search results.  Do the same thing for “pencil quotes” and it only returns 18.3 million search results. I wear my Pen as others do their Sword. – John Oldham Read More…

Modifying a FREE WordPress Theme

If you’re like me, at this time I don’t have a lot of money to put into a premium Wordpress theme. See how to changed the header files of the free Wordpress EOS theme to manually control the page links at the top of the website.

Million Dollar Blog Project – week 1

Looks like I’m behind the curve when it comes to revenue and hits to my site. Granted I’m sitting outside the laundry room of the hotel I’ve been staying at for the last 3 weeks. Such is the glamorous life of being a Jack of All Trades in the computer field. Unusual Build, helping people Read More…

Learn what it takes to create a Million Dollar Blog by following step by step as I create one.

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